Rio 2016: Switzerland on the waves!

Aug 5, 2016

The 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro are about to kick off. Switzerland has a rich history in the Olympic disciplines, and the Swiss Olympic team at the XXXI Olympiad will no doubt do its best to make its mark in Brazil. The House of Switzerland invites you to discover in a surprising way the sporting categories in which Switzerland has performed brilliantly in the past and will attempt to make waves in the world's capital of Samba! #HoppSwiss

Boat sports

  • Rowing (6-13 August)
  • Canoe  (7-11/15-20 August)
  • Sailing (8-18 August)

Switzerland has a glistening collection of medals in boat sports! Where there is the chance to be near water Swiss athletes are always there. This is no recent thing since already in 1900 Hélène de Pourtalès, competing together with her husband and her nephew, was the first woman to win Olympic medals – both gold and silver! After two gold medals in rowing in Atlanta in 1996  and one silver in Sydney in 2000, Switzerland will again go for the top Olympic award in Rio.

Jeannine Gmelin
August 6 - Rowing
August 6 - Rowing (Team)
August 6 - Rowing (Team)
Rowing Team
August 6 - Rowing (Team)<br /> Picture © Urs Flueeler
Michael Schmid/Daniel Wiederkehr
August 7 - Rowing<br /> Picture © EQ
Lukas Werro/Simon Werro
August 8 - Canoe<br /> Picture © EQ
Mateo Sanz Lanz
August 8 - RS:X<br /> Picture © ISAF
Nathalie Brugger/Matias Bühler
August 10 - Nacra 17
Yannik Brauchli/Romuald Hausser
August 10 - 470<br /> Picture © Pedro Martinez
Linda Fahrni/Maja Siegenthaler
August 10 - 470
Fabio Wyss
August 15 - Canoe
August - 49er