Rio 2016: Sport halls are Swiss territories!

Aug 6, 2016

The 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro are about to kick off. Switzerland has a rich history in the Olympic disciplines, and the Swiss Olympic team at the XXXI Olympiad will no doubt do its best to make its mark in Brazil. The House of Switzerland invites you to discover in a surprising way the sporting categories in which Switzerland has performed brilliantly in the past and will attempt to make waves in the world's capital of Samba! #HoppSwiss

Sports hall sports

  • Gymnastics (6-11/14-16 August)

Here is a space where the Swiss feel at ease: sports halls. Sheltered from the elements, the Swiss are practically unbeatable gymnasts. This talent may come from Appenzell where the people tend to be small. We don't know. But there is nevertheless an incredible talent in all disciplines of this sports category! 48 medals since 1896 is a record that stands to hold for some years to come, especially with this generation of athletes who are keen to dare anything.

Benjamin Gischard, Eddy Yusof, Christian Baumann, Oliver Hegi, Pablo Brägger
August 6 - Artistic Gymnastics<br /> Picture&nbsp;© Peter Schneider
Giulia Steingruber
August 7 - Artistic Gymnastics