Rio 2016: Switzerland on the tatami mat!

Aug 5, 2016

The 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro are about to kick off. Switzerland has a rich history in the Olympic disciplines, and the Swiss Olympic team at the XXXI Olympiad will no doubt do its best to make its mark in Brazil. The House of Switzerland invites you to discover in a surprising way the sporting categories in which Switzerland has performed brilliantly in the past and will attempt to make waves in the world's capital of Samba! #HoppSwiss

Fight sports

  • Judo (6-12 August)

Only judo is represented in this category. However, Switzerland has accumulated no fewer than 4 medals in this discipline, including a title, when Jürg Röthlisberger won a gold medal in Moscow in 1980. This year in South America three Swiss athletes will be competing on the Olympic tatami.

Ludovic Chamartin
August 6 - Judo
Evelyne Tschopp
August 7 - Judo<br /> Picture&nbsp;© Menno Lesterhuis
Ciril Grossklaus
August 10 - Judo<br /> picture&nbsp;© P. Lozano