Edelweiss airplane

Where Edelweiss is at Home

Aug 12, 2016

Switzerland’s leading leisure travel airline, Edelweiss, is expanding its fleet and has introduced a new naming concept. Henceforth, Edelweiss aircraft will take to the skies under the motto “Where Edelweiss is at home”. They will be named after Swiss holiday regions where the Edelweiss flower grows. That is how Edelweiss will carry the most beautiful Swiss tourist destinations into the world.

The Edelweiss is the queen of the alpine flowers. It grows at an altitude of 1800-3000 metres and is a protected species. For more than twenty years, the Edelweiss has also been the symbol of the eponymous Swiss leisure travel airline that has carried it to every corner of the world.    

The decision to adopt a new naming concept coincides with the announced doubling of the Edelweiss aircraft fleet. What could be more appropriate than to name the airline’s aircraft after regions where the Edelweiss flower grows? Thus, the names of the new Edelweiss aircraft correspond to Swiss holiday regions in which hikers may discover the Edelweiss flower. 

“Chäserrugg“, “Blüemlisalp“ and “Corvatsch“

The “Chäserrugg“ is a mountain in the Swiss canton of St. Gallen. Considered one of the most beautiful recreational regions in Switzerland, it is a hugely popular destination for hiking in summer and skiing in winter. On 22nd April, our then youngest fleet member was named after the “Chäserrug”. On that same day, Edelweiss also operated its first non-stop flight to the Olympic city of Rio de Janeiro, making the Airbus A330-300CT HB-JHR the first aircraft to take to the skies under Edelweiss’s new naming concept. 

Edelweiss airplane Corvatsch

Two more Edelweiss aircraft of the type Airbus A320 were to follow shortly thereafter, with the “Blüemlisalp“ and the “Corvatsch“ named after famous Swiss holiday regions, too. Besides their stunning beauty, these regions are also home to the Edelweiss flower. The “Blüemlisalp“ is a massif of the Bernese Alps, whilst the “Corvatsch“ may well be the most famous mountain in the Engadine valley (canton of Grisons).

A wooden bench for each tourist region

Each of these holiday regions also offers a special seating opportunity to show that, somewhere out there, an aircraft is carrying its name into the world. As a symbol of partnership, Edelweiss has gifted each tourist region with a wooden bench in the shape of an aircraft cabin seat. Along with an Edelweiss signpost, these benches will remind hikers and passers-by that an aircraft is proudly flying the region’s name to faraway destinations.   

Wooden bench in the shape of an aircraft cabin seat

So far, Edelweiss has three aircraft operating under the new naming concept. Others will follow, the next being in December when Edelweiss will add an Airbus A340-300 to its fleet. Which region that aircraft will be named after, and where the wooden bench will stand, is still a secret.   

About Edelweiss

Edelweiss is a member of the Lufthansa Group and an affiliate of Swiss International Air Lines. As Switzerland’s leading leisure travel airline, Edelweiss flies to the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world. Our motto “Der Sonne entgegen“ (Heading for the Sunshine) stands not only for the more than forty destinations in the world served by Edelweiss, but also embodies the warmth and cordiality with which we welcome our passengers on board. For Edelweiss passengers, their holiday starts the moment they step on board.

For more information, please go to flyedelweiss.com.