The medal celebration week

Aug 14, 2016

During our second week at the House of Switzerland we’ve been busy cheering for our Swiss athletes. The good energy inside and around the house seemed to have helped! Several days in a row we were able to celebrate our champions victories! Heidi Diethelm Gerber started by literally hitting the mark at the 25 metre pistol shooting discipline, Spartacus on the bike also known as Fabian Cancellara, didn’t make us wait for long and toppled with his victory in time trial. The traditional celebrations at the House of Switzerland with our typical bells seemed to have caught the rowers attention, as shortly after they rushed over the lagoa, won the gold medal and joined the party! Timea Bacsinszky and the legend Martina Hingis won their silver medal at double female tennis. Closing the week, Giulia Steingruber won the Bronze medal in Gymnastics. 

The environment stands high for the House of Switzerland as an important pillar in Swiss culture and society. That’s why together with Swiss Business Hub and swissnex Brazil we’ve hosted the Energy Day. As a little surprise our visitors were invited to workout on bikes to get the cheese melting and have a hands on experience on the effort behind electricity production. 

An interactive day, where people got to see, feel and think about energy and its implications in society. Additionally swissnex Brazil held an event where experts, innovators and the public got to debate and exchange ideias on how to create solutions to our current challenges in urban areas. 

One of our cultural highlights was Al Pride’s concert, who wrote the song to Giulia Steingruber for her gymnastic's routine, of course Bastian Baker’s concert, a Swiss singer, songwriter and performer, and Katerina Polemi, Greek-Brazilian singer and composer. On our main terrace we had the Swissando Lounge Club playing chilled beats for the perfect day at the House of Switzerland.

ACME, a self taught plastic and graffiti artist, is worldwide known as a leading pioneer in the Rio de Janeiro street art scene, showcased his art to the traditional cows just like at the CowParade. 

We also had a unique dog meeting between the carioca labs from Cãopanheiro Labra and our famous St. Bernard. 

In addition to our permanent activities like the ice rink, the swiss snow globe, the gondola, Nestlé’s exposition, the racing track and the wine-tasting and chocolate workshop our visitors were able to follow the Olympic Games on our public viewing space and to celebrate together with our Swiss Athletes! 

Follow the program on our website to not miss your chance to be part of the House of Switzerland!